To Date, There Is Still No Major Effort To Connect The Data Elements Needed To Effectively Mitigate Mass Shootings.

Thanks, regulators. By L. Gordon Crovitz June 26, 2016 5:20 p.m. ET When Amazon said in 2013 that it could soon deliver products by drone, skeptics dismissed it as a publicity stunt. Never underestimate technology: For the first time, drones this month delivered packages for retail customers. But not Amazon drones. The packages, from Chinese retailer, made it to a remote area of Jiangsu province. Amazon has built advanced drones, but it cant use them because American regulators have made it a criminal offense for businesses to use drones. Americans do use millions of drones, but...

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That data should have resulted in an attempt to ascertain whether he was a risk and if so, to do something about it. Those separate data elements are correlated only after a crime, not before, so they are really great on proving guilt and establishing why something was done -- but not preventing it from happening in the first place. Did we focus on fixing that problem? No, the government separated into two camps: one protecting gun rights and the other attacking them. Two bills resulted and failed, but had they existed prior to the Orlando shooting, they would have had no impact on it. It's as though after hitting the iceberg, the crew on the Titanic argued over whether ships should be allowed to sail into shallow waters. We often don't know the cause of a problem, but we do in this case, and yet both sides are doing their best to avoid talking about it. To date, there is still no major effort to connect the data elements needed to effectively mitigate mass shootings. So this isn't about prevention -- it is about manipulating an outcome.

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Credit: Derek Walter Jun 23, 2016 9:04 AM Google Maps has added several features and fixes to the latest beta version. Many of the changes in version 9.31 pertain specifically to those running the Android N beta . You can finally try out the beta app on an N-powered device, but youll definitely be living on the edge running a beta app on beta software. However, theres some good news for the rest of us too. Android Wear works again with the app according, to a report by Android Police . This meansyou can once again get a quick scan of your surroundings right on your watch. In terms of aesthetics, there are some tweaks to your timeline. The top area by the date has been turned all white, with an edit button to change the title or make some notes about a recent trip. Some visual tweaks are to be found in the timeline. Finally, an APK teardown reveals that theres work underway to bring offline maps storage to SD cards. This would be a nice boost to those with a phone like the Galaxy S7 Edge which lets you boost up the storage up to 200GB with an SD card. The changes are coming to the Play Store or you can grab them now from APK Mirror . The impact on you: The Maps beta is an excellent way to get a peek at some of the forthcoming features. Keep in mind that anything here could change or break, so its best to not gettoo comfortable with the way that everything works with this version of Google Maps. For comprehensive coverage of the Android ecosystem, visit .

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